Condominium & Homeowners Association

A solid foundation and decades of experience Condos Single Level

Financial Statements

Our  professional staff has provided condominium and homeowners associations with budget vs. actual reports, audit, review, agreed upon procedures or compilation and assembled financial statements on a monthly, quarterly or  annual basis. With CPA firm registrations and licenses in multiple states, we can provide professional services to a wide geographical region.

Periodic Services

Financial Reporting & Analysis

Our firm provides interaction with owners and vendors regarding account balances and interaction with Board members regarding the status of cash balances, accounts receivable, accounts payable, etc. We have experience in assisting with liens and foreclosures, maintenance of records for replacement reserve studies, sales and use tax compliance, rental activity summaries for owners who rent units, management company interaction for multitude of issues, insurance agency and company interaction when claims occur and  preparation of Vermont’s so-called “Bianchi Case” resale certificates. We will analyze dues and the assessment structure and levels to develop annual budgets for owner approval. Market and economic feasibilty studies.

Tax Compliance

We provide tax services to cooperatives, condominiums and homeowners associations and timeshare ownership. Some of the compliance services we provide include tax filing for associations, maintenance of perpetual records, replacement reserve studies, and preparation of annual Federal and State tax returns.